Bare Minimum

What I'm wearing: Top | Zara  ♥  Shorts | Vintage ♥  Shoes | Pretty Little Thing ♥  Bag | Vintage ♥  Ring | Regal Rose ♥  Bracelets | Gifts from Maya :)

Currently we are having our living room redecorated, which is why the walls look like they do. I really like them like this, when the sun is shining in the room, it seems to bounce off the walls. Unfortunately, it'll all change soon. Until then I'm gonna take advantage of it, as it makes quite a nice neutral background :) 
I have recently rediscovered these pair of shorts. You probably got sick of seeing them a few years ago, when they were on here constantly. You may get sick of seeing them again aha. They are so ridiculously comfortable, its unreal and they go with anything. Anything. It's been so hot lately that I was just want to wear something that's easy. And there is nothing easier than these shorts. 

As always, watch this outfit in motion :)



Make Up

Today I thought I would show my face. My made up face. Despite what the photo tells me above, I actually don't use a lot of make up. I walk into a beauty store and just walk around in an awestruck stupor looking at the things that do what they say they do. Honestly I'm hopeless. I didn't really understand what foundation, concealer and powder were meant to do until I was well beyond the age of 16. When I did, it just didn't compute. This is one of those retrospects where I fully appreciate being homeschooled, I missed the influence and education of what these things did. 
I have had my make up done with these products a handful of times and each time I've hated them. It felt so claustrophobic and itchy on my skin. Foundation and I are not friends. Even though I don't like what they do or how they feel, I'm not bashing those who do choose to wear it. Make up is an easy enhancement and a good way to hide away a tired face :)
But I get sick of seeing make up tutorials/GRWM where every girl continues to hide their true face under so many different products. It feels almost unacceptable to look presentable without the use of them. Having younger sisters who are at that age where they are very susceptible to what they see on youtube and through other various media, this kind of upsets me, that this is what they are seeing as the norm. Make up should be fun, not a necessity! I wish girls and women alike would come to a place where they feel pretty with make up and without it. I guess that's what I'm trying to get at with this post. That it's ok if you want to wear make up but it's also ok if you don't. 
I rarely talk about things like this on here and it kind of makes me a little nervous. This blog has always been a bit of fun, a little style journal I can look through when I'm older and to share with you. However, sometimes, I just want to have a little bit of input on certain things that I feel, so maybe I can look back and see it wasn't all about the clothes I love :) Anyway those are my two cents. Hope you enjoyed this post and if you agree with me or disagree with me, let me know down below! 

If you liked how I did my makeup, watch the video below :)




What I'm wearing: Sunglasses| Cheap Monday    Sports bra | Nike  ♥  Jumper | Goldie London  ♥  Shorts | H&M  ♥  Trainers | ASOS

I don't think you've ever seen me wear trainers on this blog. Seriously. Not even once. That's probably because until recently, I've always considered trainers to be mainly for sporting activities - that mainly consisted of me failing, badly, at running. Running and myself aren't exactly friends. 
Saying that, over the past year and a half, I've become more active. I decided to make a change in my lifestyle to become more healthy and more active. But with this new perspective towards how I'm treating my body from the inside, I'm finding it's affecting how I dress on the outside. I'm embracing a slightly sportier version of myself :) I'm rather enjoying the textures, cuts and cleanness that I associate with dressing sports luxe. Trends are such an ugly thing and I don't like coupling with how I dress with a trend - dressing should be dictated by how you feel rather than what's currently in fashion. But regardless it's the best way for me to explain to you how this outfit is to you in words. I think you'll agree with me that visuals speak louder than words and I'll stop typing now.

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