If you got the title's reference - I salute you! These corduroy dungarees are so Velma from Scooby Doo it hurts. As much as I hate trends, I am really loving this revival of the 70s in fashion at the moment. Deep, rich colours, big floppy hats, long flowing hair, fringing and my most personal favourite - turtlenecks - what is not to love?! 

Missguided has become my new favourite online store. Even more than ASOS - and that's a huge deal. I can't go on there without wanting to buy at least 5 things and them announcing 40% extra off sale definitely didn't help. These dungarees were my third package in the last week and have another one in the post. I should place some kind of child proof lock on sites I can't help myself too - if anyone is aware on how to do this, please let me know! 

My new blogging schedule of posting every Tuesday and Friday has slightly gone out of whack. For this I apologize and so does my body. I got sick. Again. Because clearly my body doesn't like being healthy. I am feeling loads better and can now direct my energy back here :) 

What I'm wearing: Corduroy Dungarees |  Missguided    Hat | ASOS ( See similar here & here )    Top |  Zara    Over The Knee Socks |  UO    Shoes |  Deandri


January Favourites

January has now come and gone. Again. So as a new feature for my blog, I thought I would start bringing you my monthly favourites :) Without further ado & many, many photos, here is what I have been loving this month!

Pierre The French Bear - My recent, beloved Hello Kitty phone case died on me. I loved that phone case to the very end it would seem. My phone now has a wonderful replacement! I found this phone case in Paperchase's sale at the beginning of January, so it was only £4 - cute and a bargain!

Stars and Moon Ring - My best friend Maya always seems to be trekking around the World and at Christmas she got to see the German Christmas Markets. This ring is her Christmas present to me :) I love it so much, I couldn't ask for more from a ring - it is perfect!

Doctor's Bag AKA My Grown Up Bag - I recently gushed about this bag and I am going to do it again. I adore this bag, it is just the right size - big enough to carry everything I need without being bulky. It also has great zipped compartments to keep all my important things safe. There's nothing else I could ask for from a bag.

Roll Necks - They don't wanna leave my body and I don't want them to. I bought a lot of them in the sale and I regret nothing. They are the best things for keeping my neck and face warm. You have already heard me hark on about these in many, many posts. So I'll stop. For now.

Uniqlo Men's Socks - How unfair is it that the men's socks are so much prettier and comfier?! Recently went into Uniqlo to get some for my boyfriend and then walked out with some for me as well. They are ridiculously comfy and look really cute rolled up or down in boots. Makes for a nice pop of colour too!

Coconut Oil - My skin had the misfortune of reacting badly to a face wash at the beginning of January. My skin resembled the scaly, rough skin of Medusa. It was not a great look and felt horrible. So I looked for a more natural alternative to put on my skin to help repair it. Coconut oil was my saviour. I would gently put this on my skin at night and would wake up with noticeably softer skin. It also makes an incredible makeup remover and you want to go that far - is a great addition to your oral hygiene routine!

Korres Wild Rose 24-H Moisturising Brightening Cream - This is another present, this time from my sister :) She remembered me mentioning wanting to try out some Korres products and got me the Sleeping Beauty set. This cream is great, I don't normally like rose scented products but this one has a really light scent. It was amazing on my suddenly allergic skin and felt wonderfully moisturising. 

Korres Mandarin Lip Stick - Another Korres product :) The packaging is so pretty and I love the descriptive text that runs around the barrel. This has such a lovely sheen and colour to it as well as making my lips softer.

Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer -  This is something that actually came free with Elle magazine sometime last year and it is amazing. It not only works at softening my lips but gives it a nice glossy finish without having that sticky consistency. Perfect to layer of my favourite lip colours.

NYC Lip Crayon 031 Granmercy Park Plum - I was very unsure about this at the beginning but now I really love it. I have always wanted to try a darker, plum lip but didn't want to spend a lot of money experimenting. Which is great as this was only £2.99. The color is long lasting and feels really buttery on the lips.

Urban Decay's Shadow Box Palette - This little box makes me want to be more adventurous with my make up. I have really been enjoying playing around with it, especially the green colour ~Indo~. Green is my favourite colour and this shade is so, so pretty. 

Belville Bakery Body Souffle and Sugar Scrub - If you haven't smelt the heavenly scents that &OtherStories put in their body products, you are severely missing out. I am a sucker for anything that smells sweet and this one definitely ticks that box. The body souffle is incredibly moisturizing and the scent stays with you for hours, if not all day! The sugar scrubs are great as well - making your skin feel truly exfoliated. Another present - from my mama :):)

Glazed Apple Room & Body Spray - My love of candied scents will be undying. This spray is the best thing for spraying in your hair as well as your body. The scent lasts for ages and never gets old. I'm so sad that it isn't stocked anymore, I wanted to buy at least another two. Hopefully they will bring it back next Christmas.

Ginger Peach Candle - Candles are a new obsession for me. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting in bed watching my favourite show with a cup of hot cocoa or tea with a candle burning in the background. This one smells so good - it reminds me so much of the Robinson's peach squash I used to drink as a child. 

So not my normal kind of post! I had so much fun shooting and making this post :) Let me know if you think this is a good idea and also what you have been loving lately! If you want to watch me talk about my favourites you can do so below - 



Sweater Daze

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. I did indeed wear this very same jumper in blue a few posts ago. I told you my shopping had gotten bad. But hey if you like something, owning it in every possible colour is imperative? Right? 

I know it isn't quite Spring yet but it is February. And I am gonna make like it is Spring because, hell, I want to. All this cold weather is bor----ing. As I have said a million times before, Winter and I just don't see eye to eye. I may have got this layering thing down though - over the knee boots and thigh high socks make a good combo! These boots have been in my wardrobe for the longest time and are definitely the best purchase I have ever made from Primark

In an attempt to tame my cavewoman hair - I have accomplished the side braid! Braiding is something I have always loved but only something I have recently been doing. Which is something I sorely regret. Braiding is the best thing my hair can do, it tames my wild mess and turns it into something pretty for about an hour after which it just comes undone damn hair. I think Spring will be a great time to master the many types of braid! 

What I'm wearing: Jumper |  Zara    Dungarees | Urban Outfitters Renewal    Socks |  ASOS    Boots |  Primark

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